Yo, listen up, let’s talk about the law
From verbal agreements to rental lease flaws
I’ve got the scoop and I’ve got the links
So buckle up, let’s see what each legal term brings

First up, is a verbal agreement legally binding in UK law?
Well, it depends, better to not overlook
But if you need to cut your lease short
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Now, let’s talk about the IRS
Online payment agreement, oh the stress
For tech issues and other inutilities
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Residential lease renewal is sometimes a pain
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Inequality laws, now that’s a deep dive
But it’s essential to address, for real lives
Learn more about it and make a change
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Switching gears, let’s chat about sports
Gaelic football, got some rules and scoring reports
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Coming back to contracts and deeds
Understanding them is all you need
Learn about their meaning, their purpose and more
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Now, let’s talk about iPhones and the law
In case of trouble, knowing your rights won’t be a flaw
Legal cases and iPhone, quite the combo
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And last but not least, let’s discuss purchases
Product purchase agreements, avoiding losses
Legal forms and documents, it’s a boon
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So there you have it, a legal rap
With links to guide you, a legal mishap
From verbal agreements to product purchases
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