Legal Matters – A Rapper’s Guide

Yo, yo, yo, let’s rap about some legal talk

Ever heard of legal malpractice insurance, it’s not just small talk

Got into a deal with Lloyd’s Bank, it’s crucial you know

Form 16 A, sounds strange, but it’s something to show, understand the legal implications before you go

Need a lawyer? Check out D Miller Law Firm, they’re the bomb

A buyer’s broker agreement, know what that’s about? Get the lowdown, remove any doubt

Thinking of a split? Not sure about the choices? Legal separation vs divorce, know your voices

Got debts to recover? Legal Recovery Associates got your back

Lawyers in Hong Kong must follow the rules, solicitors practice rules in Hong Kong, no fools

Long-term supply agreements got you thinking? Legal insights and analysis will get your ship sailing

Visiting Amsterdam? Want some legal facts? Legal age for coffee shop visits, that’s where it’s at!